Real Hearings is committed to providing the public with user-friendly platforms for commenting on major industrial projects.

Real Hearings believes that well publicized and transparent public commenting campaigns are crucial to good government decision making on these projects.  Real Hearings works with campaigning organizations to widely promote formal project commenting periods, to create commenting opportunities where they don’t exist, and to ensure that resulting public comments are distributed to all relevant political representatives at the local, regional, provincial and federal levels.

Governments make better decisions with informed public input.  Real Hearings helps facilitate that input, and also creates open, searchable archives of public comments in order to build a public record of concerns about industrial projects and review processes.  Transparent public input to government decision making helps improve confidence in government decisions.

People DO want to have their say about projects that affect them, their families, their communities and the planet. Our mandate is to help their voices be heard – by decision makers and the wider public.

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We are proud to work with

Communities and Coal
Dogwood Initiative
Watershed Watch Salmon Society
Geocology Research
My Sea to Sky
Burns Bog
Peace Valley Environment Association
Against Port Expansion



Real Kinder Morgan NEB Hearings

This campaign launched in June 2016 with Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE) to allow people to comment on the proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline project to their political representatives and have them published as a matter of public record.

Site C Dam

This transparency campaign was built with Peace Valley Environmental Association to generate public opposition to the building of Site C dam.

The campaign has generated 30,000 emails to MPs and other key decision-makers as of June 2016.

Real LNG Hearings

This transparency campaign was built with Voters Taking Action Against Climate Change to generate public opposition to the exporting of LNG from the Fraser River and other locations in Canada.

The campaign has generated 40,000 emails to people’s MPs and other key decision-makers as of June 2016.

Coal Export Expansion and Port Reform

In December 2013, the first public commenting campaign was launched at, focusing on the proposal for a US thermal coal port at Fraser Surrey Docks in Surrey. Over the 30 day comment period RealPortHearings generated approximately 3500 comments on the project, all of which were sent in to the Port Authority, forwarded on to political representatives at all levels and published on the site.

Massey Tunnel Public Hearings

This commenting campaign was created with Burns Bog Conservation Society in the fall of 2015 to help document widespread public concern over plans to replace the Massey Tunnel with a ten lane bridge.

The campaign has generated 18,000 emails to MPs and other key decision-makers as of June 2016.

Words about us

  • “Voters Taking Action on Climate Change is committed to providing the public with opportunities to express their concerns to governments and elected representatives.  Real Hearings provides an invaluable tool for that work — a ready made commenting tool that facilitates citizen input on any issue and creates an open, searchable record of public concerns.

    We know that people want the chance to tell governments what they think about climate change and fossil fuel exports.  Real Hearings has made it a lot easier for groups like ours to help ensure their concerns are heard.”

    Kevin Washbrook – Director
  • “Over the last two years, Communities and Coal has been working non stop to raise public awareness on a controversial proposal to ship US Thermal Coal through BC communities. Real Hearings has been an essential tool in our journey as it allows us to channel that public awareness into public action.

    Real Hearings has given power to the collective voice in a way that is easy, transparent, and effective, all the while leaving a public record which tells the government that these issues matter to communities and that we demand accountability.  We will continue to use Real Hearings every step of the way.”

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