Real Kinder Morgan Hearings

This campaign amplifies the enormous and growing opposition to the Kinder Morgan Transmountain pipeline expansion project.

39,000 emails generated.

Site C Dam

This transparency campaign amplifies the enormous and growing opposition to the building of BC Hydro’s Site C project on the Peace River.

24,000 emails generated.

Real LNG Hearings

This transparency campaign amplifies public concerns about the building of the proposed Tilbury Island LNG terminal on the Fraser River.

38,000 emails generated.

Massey Tunnel Public Hearings

This transparency campaign amplifies public concerns about the replacement of the George Massey Tunnel with a $3.5 billion bridge.

25,000 emails generated.

Real Terminal 2 Hearings

This transparency campaign amplifies public concerns about the building of Roberts Bank Terminal 2.

4,800 emails generated.

Real Port Hearings

This campaign amplifies public support for an overhaul of Canada’s port governance by the federal government.

340,000 emails generated.



Real Hearings strongly believes transparent, public commenting on major industrial projects is key to democratic decision making. Large projects by their nature have significant and wide-ranging effects with potential to affect large numbers of people in many different ways.  Those people need the opportunity to express their concerns to decision makers, and if they choose, to make their concerns public so others can learn from them too.

We believe the environmental project review processes set up by governments are often lacking in transparency, unfairly restrict public input or happen too quickly for the public to provide input.

Real Hearings recognizes the need for public commenting to be truly transparent and a matter of public record. Otherwise our  trust in government decision making will be eroded.

People DO want to have their say about projects that affect them, their families, their communities and the planet. Our mandate is to help their voices be heard – by decision makers and the wider public.

Words about us

  • “Over the last two years, Communities and Coal has been working non stop to raise public awareness on a controversial proposal to ship US Thermal Coal through BC communities. Real Hearings has been an essential tool in our journey as it allows us to channel that public awareness into public action.

    Real Hearings has given power to the collective voice in a way that is easy, transparent, and effective, all the while leaving a public record which tells the government that these issues matter to communities and that we demand accountability.  We will continue to use Real Hearings every step of the way.”

    Paula Williams – Director
  • “Voters Taking Action on Climate Change is committed to providing the public with opportunities to express their concerns to governments and elected representatives.  Real Hearings provides an invaluable tool for that work — a ready made commenting tool that facilitates citizen input on any issue and creates an open, searchable record of public concerns.

    We know that people want the chance to tell governments what they think about climate change and fossil fuel exports.  Real Hearings has made it a lot easier for groups like ours to help ensure their concerns are heard.”

    Kevin Washbrook – Director
About Real Hearings

We are proud to work with

Communities and Coal
Protect the Fraser Coalition
Dogwood Initiative
Watershed Watch Salmon Society
Geocology Research
My Sea to Sky
Burns Bog
Peace Valley Environment Association
Fraser Voices
Against Port Expansion
Citizens Against Port Expansion



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